Harak Hora aka cattle thief!
Known to be a colossal beast that gets people gasping and an iconic leopard that is celebrated widely!!
Nelum wila Big male
The beef is real when it comes to Willy, I was arrogant enough not to even take my camera out and missed this tank during his morning stroll in the golden light. Was dying inside when everyone else took some fabulous shots right beside me.
Sambar deer
Near threatened Sambar deer is the largest deer to inhabit the island, living in large herds you can see them grazing the breathtaking
First sighted her at Modara Gala with her brother Mega in February 2021. She was extremely shy and was reluctant to show us her face. What’s interesting about that sighting was that both of them were socializing with another adult leopardess named Sasha,
Sturdy cubs are brought up by Strong mothers, and they will always be what their mother made them. The queen mom of Willy! Cubs up next week 💥
She objects 1.0
A female leopard lashing out at her partner! A male leopard has barbs (tiny spikes) on their penises, this comes in handy to stimulate the female to ovulate, but these barbs make retracting the penis painful for the female which causes her to lash out at the male. At the same time snarling and biting by males is also typical during mating.
First saw him in 2019 at Uraniya, this is Jerry at Darshana Weva Junction in 2022. The Jeena family travels quite a bit!.
Meeting Gamunu is always thrilling, but finding him walking towards you on the main road is lit 🔥 l’ve seen Sando, Ruhunu and Gamunu on the main road! Most unlikely the other 3 big boys will come this way. P.S Nandimithra, Nalaka & Arjuna.
Majestic Nalaka
Majestic Nalaka on his evening walk to Korawaka wewa Yala, In 2020 it was recorded that the island has a population of approximately 5800 gentle giants, sadly 361 have died the same year.
When it comes to hunting for food, these big cats know their stuff! When a leopard spots a potential meal, it approaches with legs bent and head low, so as not to be seen. It then stalks its prey carefully and quietl
Monkeys in Sri Lanka
monkeys in Sri Lanka, namely Tufted gray langur, Purple-faced leaf monkey and Toque macaque. The infant gray langur seen above can also be found in India.
Jennie’s Cubs
strongest bloodlines in Yala, this set of Cubs would be the newest addition to Jeena’s 2nd generation. I am honoured to have
Had the first sighting of Yasa at Gallukadawalla which i put up last week, this is him again playing pickaboo on the Heenwewa road. Yet to get a face shot of Suba, brother of Yasa. Interesting fact is that the mom of the cubs are yet to be identified!
YF48 Selena
YF48 Selena. Compared to other big cats, Leopards don’t drink as much or often as they would get most of their water from the prey they eat! Like other mammals they do enjoy a drink after a meal. Best time to catch one drinking water is at sunset, this was around 5:50pm.